Leasing Request Form

Leasing Your Spring Valley Phase 1 Home

If you intend to lease your SPRING VALLEY Phase 1 home, please abide by the following checklist in advance (all information on the checklist can be submitted through the form below)

  • Pay off any outstanding dues balance and fines, correct any outstanding violations
  • Inform the Board of Directors of intent to lease by filling out form below (this gets routed to DGR Management).
  • Submit your lease/rental contract including the following terminology "The Spring Valley Phase 1 Board of Directors reserves the right as granted in the Declaration of Covenants to terminate a lessor rental contract between a property owner and a lessee, renter, or tenant." 
  • Proof/Documentation of a background check performed by a reputable agency (see leasing guidelines for all necessary information)
  • Upload the executed lease signed by Homeowner and all tenants.
  • Upload results of background check with all pertinent information (according to guidelines)
  • Submit $100 processing fee 
  • Provide car make, model, color and license plate number for each tenant
  • Provide 24 Emergency Phone Numbers of the Homeowners
Once all paperwork and fees are received, the review process will take approximately 15 days.  
If you have any questions, or require assistance, please fill out the "Contact Us" Form found on this site.